A good system design is a pre-requisite for the successful execution of a project. With a qualified team of design professionals, ECS has the expertise and manpower to provide custom designed solutions for typical and atypical conditions in accordance with project requirements.

ECS’ key management and personnel have been involved in the execution of many “landmark status” projects worldwide. ECS is working closely with European Consultants and System Designers to help form and craft new energy efficient and sustainable system designs, a key ingredient for the future of ECS in North America.

In the development of (custom) design solutions, ECS frequently communicates with the Project Team so as to ensure that the proposed solutions not only suit the ECS manufacturing process, but that the proposed solutions also allow for an efficient method of handling and installation on Site.


For special conditions ECS has the ability to “model” design solutions in using 3D software, so as to provide our customers with the benefit of a three dimensional view. These “models” clearly demonstrate sequencing of installation activities, application of critical sealant continuity joints and other conditions that would not have been clearly visible on a regular 2D drawing.





design and engineering

Throughout the design process, ECS consistently verifies the structural requirements of the system design, either integral to the system or for connection to primary or secondary structural components, allowing for pre-approved tolerances and ensuring structural integrity.


ECS promotes early hands-on design “work sessions” with the project team in an effort to integrate cost and time savings into a well coordinated design.